• Family Law
    We handle personal and financial conflicts in registered and de facto marital unions and their consequences for children in the field of parental rights, custody, visitation rights, alimony and adoption. We also work with family companies towards the solution of problems.
  • Succession Law
    We act in succession proceedings until final completion, i.e. until the registration of the property in the name of heirs and legatees, providing assistance with will drafting and distribution of assets.
  • Contract Law
    We draft contracts allowing persons and companies to regulate their businesses and set clear rules governing the performance of contractual obligations. We have extensive experience in providing advice to agricultural companies and in drafting company contracts, purchase and sale agreements and lease agreements. And in case of non-performance of the contract, we are prepared to make all applicable judicial and extra-judicial claims.
  • Law of Obligations
    We cover many areas of civil liability, including among others, liability for damages caused by accidents and things, liability for manufactured products, professional malpractice and environmental damage.
  • Law of Person
    We are committed to helping protect the so called very personal rights, i.e. the rights to life, honor, physical integrity, image, the protection of personal data, etc.
  • Rights in Rem
    We deal with conflicts over property rights, particularly in matters related to mortgages and security interests. We also develop other guarantees to secure obligations and we have expertise in the modern forest exploitation right (derecho de superficie forestal).
  • Agricultural Law Oriented to Agriculture Companies
    We provide advise on their contracts and businesses and the organization of companies, based on our knowledge of the needs and problems of the above mentioned sector. As a result, our firm provides advice to make pragmatic and realistic decisions, to both rural producers and companies doing business in this sector. We also provide advice to foreign companies on investments not only in the agricultural or cattle breeding sector but also in other areas related to natural resources (mining, environment, etc.). This approach has also proved suitable to advise family companies and enterprises.
  • Company Law
    We assist in matters related to formation and operation of companies, meetings, mergers, spin offs, acquisitions, registration of foreign companies and branches of foreign companies, joint ventures and cooperation groups. Matters deriving from entrepreneurial activity, including labor lawsuits.
  • Advice to Foreign Clients
    "REIGADA & BORDA -ABOGADOS-" stands out for providing services to foreign individuals or companies not only in English but also in Italian. Atty. Javier Reigada studied in Italy and learnt the language and idiosyncrasy of this and other European countries, all of which contributes to meeting our clients' expectations more accurately. We are also fluent in French. Accordingly, we can properly assist this kind of clients in all matters related to the registration of foreign companies, marriages and births occurring abroad and business transactions - share and company acquisitions, agreements, mergers, joint ventures, etc.; as well as the purchase of rural and urban estates.